Yet another five star review of Peeling Oranges.

peelingfront (1)With James Lawless, you can always be certain of one thing – He writes excellent books.

You read his books and you are assured that you are looking at a Gold Mine.

You are bound to love his works. This was my 4th novel by the author and my likeness for the books of the author is ever increasing with an exponential rate.

Peeling Oranges portrays a story of a man who is looking for the whereabouts of his real father. He was two years old when his father died or so he was told. When he questioned about it to his mother, all he got was vague answers. Never was a time that he got satisfactory answers.

He was sent to a boarding school where he grew to be more lonely and felt undesirable. His solitude took him to places. His thirst to find out about the truth was never ending.

With his quest, you gear up yourself too.

That’s the beauty of it.

I will give this book a solid 5 stars because it stirred various emotions inside my heart. It was so touching, interesting and emotional. It was one of the unforgettable books that I read this year. I adored the way the author has brought up the setting to the story.

This is what I call a historical fiction at its best. Recommends it highly. (less)

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Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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