American Doll in Spanish

I’m delighted to announce the wonderful translation into Spanish by Emmanuel Castro Hernández
of my highly commended novel American Doll about an Irish-American family and a poignant love story set to the tragic backdrop of 9/11.
‘A sweeping story of how 9/11 opened a Pandora’s Box on an Irish/American family.’
When Laura Calane of New York comes to Ireland to further her studies and to live in what her father considers a safer environment after 9/11, she discovers that the land of her ancestors is not the haven she had believed it to be. When she meets social worker Danny Faraday, she is torn between her attraction towards him and the emotional blackmail of her uncle Thady who is domiciled in Ireland and who never lets her forget that he saved her father’s life in a terrorist attack in New York.
‘An excellent novel by an award-winning writer, highly praised by the likes of Jennifer Johnston. James Lawless deserves to be more widely read than he is.’ Sunday Independent.
In paperback or on kindle for only €2.99


Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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