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Dear friends, You can read a free extract now and nominate my new novel, American Doll for the Amazon Kindle Scout Program! The nomination period is for 30 days starting 10th February and ends on 11th March. If the book receives enough nominations and is selected for publication, everyone who nominates it will receive a free copy.american_doll_front (1)

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New novel American Doll just completed 70,000 words set in Ireland and USA about how 9/11 opens a can of worms on an Irish American Family. It is a sort of Irish Roots and should appeal to Irish and Irish Americans in particular and to people universally in the impact of 9/11.

When Laura Calane of New York comes to Ireland to further her studies and to live in what her father considers a safer environment after 9/11, she discovers that the land of her ancestors is not the haven she had believed it to be. When she meets social worker Danny Faraday, she is torn between her attraction towards him and the emotional blackmail of her uncle Thady who is domiciled in Ireland and who never lets her forget that he saved her father’s life in a terrorist attack in New York in 1993.

The story is about loss, losing someone as Con the firefighter did with his wife in 9/11; it’s also about hope, never giving up and knowing when to give up and let go, and how the process is in danger of repeating itself in the new generation with Laura his daughter going missing in Ireland, and Danny’s parents who were also lost at sea. It’s also about coming into maturity as in the case of Danny with the help of Laura suffering the grief, and Laura, her growing out of her family engendered chimeras


Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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