Colm Tóibín Short Story Award 2020: Prizewinner

My story A Touch of Affection won third prize in the Wexford Literary Festival Colm Tóibín Short Story Award 2020. The story is topical in its reference to the extreme effects social distancing can have on a vulnerable person.
You can read winning entries in plays, poetry and stories here: and the link to my story here:


Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

8 thoughts

  1. Hi James,

    Congratulations on being a prize winner in the Colm Tobin Short Story Competition.
    Just read your story and I thought it was really sweet. The loneliness of the character is something we can all relate to in these Covid times.
    Well done!

    Joan Treacy

  2. I just read ‘A touch of Affection’ James. I enjoyed it even though it is so sad. So very well written and thought out. Well done.
    Patricia FitzPatrick

  3. I love your story, James. It is very touching and real. I imagine there must have been many people during lockdown who wee as isolated and desperate. Well done.

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