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A_Avenida_frontCommendations from translators:

Rocío Sánchez Carrero
EN/DE> ES Translator and Content Creator
Translating Peeling Oranges felt like teamwork, since he promptly responded to my every question and concern, very politely, regardless of how trivial they might have seemed. As an author he’s very insightful and thrives in depicting the depths of human motivation. But what I enjoy the most is the way he plays with register and his use of symbolism.
July 17, 2014, Rocío reported to James at Freelance Writer and Editor; self employed

Martina Divisoli
Martina Divisoli
Language teacher and freelance translator
I had the opportunity to translate James’ first novel, Peeling Oranges, into Italian. James is a great writer, and his style is unique and insightful.The novel captures the reader’s attention casting a new light on the history of early Irish and Spanish diplomacy and following the protagonist’s quest to find his true father. It will surely engage you from beginning to end.
July 14, 2014, Martina was with another company when working with James at Freelance Writer and Editor; self employed

Vicente Abella Aranda
Vicente Abella Aranda
Editorial Translator · Specialized Interpreter · English·German·Catalan / Spanish
I have had the honor of translating For Love of Anna, the second novel of James. He is a very creative, insightful and amazing writer, and his novel For Love of Anna a deep analysis of the human political nature. His style is fresh and at the same time thoroughful. I am sure he will have a very positive impact in the Spanish contemporary literature.
June 22, 2014, Vicente reported to James at Freelance Writer and Editor; self employed

Juliana Pellicer dos Santos Ruza
Juliana Pellicer dos Santos Ruza
Assistente Administrativo Comercial na Interunion Comércio Internacional Ltda.
James Lawless is a great novelist. Finding Penelope, the book which I had the privilege to translate, is a great story and a real page turner. I highly recommend his writing!
June 17, 2014, Juliana was a consultant or contractor to James at Freelance Writer and Editor; self employed

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rus cover (1)Rus in Urbe, Spanish edtition/>Rus in Urbe Italian edition

Pelando naranjaspeeling_front
Sbucciando aranceSbucciando_fronthDescubriendo a Penélope

scoperta_frontLa Scoperta delle DonneIl vialeil_viale_frontLa Avenidala_avenida_kindle (3)Por Amor a Anna536feae845943_Por_Amor_a_Anna_anna_front_converted

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