Another five star review of For Love of Anna


Review by Archit Goodreads 4/3/17
Excellently written – well versed – witty – promising – amorous – passionate – picturesque!

After my encounter with James Lawless’ “Knowing Women”, “The Avenue”, “Peeling Oranges”, “The Adventures of Jo Jo”, I was vowed to read his other books.

It is beyond happiness to get to read his books. There is not a thing that I don’t like about his books.

Passionate – is the word my mind recalls when I think of James Lawless’ writing.

Just as his other works, For Love of Anna presents a vivid story of a student Guido van Thool who is deeply in love with a ballerina Anna Zweig. His passion for the female character had grown leaps and bounds when suddenly he hears about her accident. This accidental event urges him to go beyond his boundaries and do the unimaginable.

How his journey takes him to one place from another, is an adventurous ride you can’t refuse.

Everything feels meteoric and at the same instant, steady and gentle while reading For Love of Anna. It functions like a soothing drug for you. You want to go on and on wherever the author beckons you. Your reasons surrender because the author has mesmerized you too much with his charming and delightful writing.

His writing style is nothing but poetic. He binds you with his charismatic words and powerful events. I could observe right through the characters that to write them the author has to follow them day and night. He had to think about them, for them every single time. And that he did!

His style is deep and profound. It pierces your heart and that’s why you keep going on with the book. The more I praise James Lawless’ books, the more I feel that it is still less. All I can say is that one should certainly read his books.

Verdict : Before you come to a state when you have to say that why didn’t you read James Lawless’ books before and regret, you should just get your hands on his books!

Highly recommended!


Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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