Red Roses Review of author James Lawless by Michelle Boylan

Red Roses Review by Michelle Boylan
REVIEW: IRISH AUTHOR: JAMES LAWLESS.Dublin born, educated at both UCD and Dublin City University, James Lawless has written several novels and a poetry text.
His novels, Peeling Oranges, The Avenue, Finding Penelope, For Love of Anna, Knowing Women are written from a personal viewpoint which he entwines with Spanish and Irish history. Academically, he is well equipped to do so. and He is also an ardent researcher with a taste for politically censored material. Multilingual, he speaks Spanish, Irish and English. His work tackles divergent layers of social ethos and culture locally and abroad and draws on a range of themes with insight and knowledge. James Lawless is a fine contemporary author whom we are proud to claim as Irish.
Michele Boylan, Reviewer.

Michele-Rose Boylan is so far established as the world’s only multi-genre Arts Reviewer.
Proudly Irish. Brisbane based, Michele is renowned at the highest levels as a powerful, eloquent, insightful and unique writer. Her services include reviews, critiques, promotions, press releases, articles, bios, letters, resumes.
Classified a Gifted Adult, she has been reading and writing prolifically reading since age three.
Michele, wanting to study everything, has a broad, academic knowledge base married to an Artistic history across all of the Arts.

Cute cafes to the Moulin Rouge…emergent artists to Munch and Monet…Chaucer to Sylvia Plath and Mark Saunders… Shakespeare to Ibsen…Classical orchestras to Rock and Metal…Artifacts to Architecture…Ballet to Contemporary Dance…Wardrobe to Stage Design…CVs and bios to a book, brochures to white papers, Michele has everything covered.

Michele has been reviewing globally for ten productive years.
She can also agilely profile and investigate persons and scams.

A written critique is analytical and insightful,
covering variant aspects of your work in eloquent, solid terminology.

Michele-Rose critiqued the works of Artist, Dennis Alkervic Coelhoe, USA.
Currently, she is critiquing the astonishing works of Artist and Inventor, Ken Gidge, USA.
She is reviewing renowned Irish writer, John Lawless at the writer’s request.

An adept profiler and investigator, Michele withstood much and fought hard to successfully rid the music industry and the world of scam company, Rockden Promotions and fraudsters, Mario Tedeschi and Michelle Wilkins.

She is presently busy exposing Tom Mcleod and Australian Music and Entertainment Scene (AMES)
as fake and bringing about its closure and eradication from the entertainment industry.

Consider hiring Michele if you suspect someone or something.

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Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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