Read a love story for Valentine. Is love stronger than ideology? How does Derek Foley’s love for the supreme ideologue Sinéad pan out in Peeling Oranges? What was the tragic ending in the love affair between Guido and the beautiful ballerina Anna in For Love of Anna? Did Penelope find happiness with her Spaniard Ramón despite the threat of her drug-addicted brother? Find out in Finding Penelope. Or how does the vulnerable bachelor Benbo fare in his quest for love in Knowing Women? Or Danny Faraday with his American girlfriend Laura in American Doll. Or, if rushed for time, why not try the short epub love stories for 99 cents: The young impressionable man propelled by Bobby Darin’s Dream Lover or the conflicting emotions of Eros in the award-winning Lovers Who Wound Blame it on the Storm, or the significance of The Kiss amid the Sorbonne riots of 1968, or what was the hidden love in The Widow’s Consoler? Or the power of travel to Jolt lovers out of lethargy.
Extract from Dream Lover as Anthony the pools collector does his rounds:
I remember it was a sweltering evening in early July and I was very hot and sticky from the saddle as I approached their front door. It was an impressive dormer bungalow with a curved driveway and the westerly sun was shining on their well-cultivated garden with its fine border of standard red roses.
She was tall as she stood at the door in a light indigo cotton dress, a glint of sun catching the healthy glow of summer freckles on her face and light blue eyes. She gave her head a little swivel and her shoulder length blond hair shuddered in a wave of sensuality.
I felt a strange sensation coming over me. When she said, ‘My name is Anne-Marie; you’re Anthony aren’t you?’ I was lost for words. Her voice sounded like soft music and I was only brought back to earth when her hand touched mine in the transfer of the coins.
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Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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