During a long hot summer a young man, inspired by Bobby Darin’s Dream Lover, becomes infatuated with a beautiful girl only to make an emotionally-wrenching discovery.
I remember it was a sweltering evening in early July and I was very hot and sticky from the saddle as I approached their front door. It was an impressive dormer bungalow with a curved driveway and the westerly sun was shining on their well-cultivated garden with its fine border of standard red roses.
She was tall as she stood at the door in a light indigo cotton dress, a glint of sun catching the healthy glow of summer freckles on her face and light blue eyes. She gave her head a little swivel and her shoulder length blond hair shuddered in a wave of sensuality.
I felt a strange sensation coming over me. When she said, ‘My name is Anne-Marie; you’re Anthony aren’t you?’ I was lost for words. Her voice sounded like soft music and I was only brought back to earth when her hand touched mine in the transfer of the coins.

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Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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