The following is a list of my books and stories so far on audio


Finding Penelope narrated by Sarah Brady https://adbl.co/2U3bXZL

Peeling Oranges narrated by Ganapathy Subrahmaniam https://adbl.co/2k7D8CO


The Adventures of Jo Jo narrated by Ronald Fox https://adbl.co/2lE8Qbo


Rus in Urbe narrated by Knox Van Horn https://adbl.co/2lLSrkU

Noise and Sound Reflections narrated by Gareth Richards https://adbl.co/2m6FJ0y


Jolt narrated by Heber Rowan https://adbl.co/2V3l7qs

Dream Lover narrated by Heber Rowan https://adbl.co/2Weh7Q3

A Prostitute’s Tale narrated by Isaac P Miller https://adbl.co/2m6DFFN

The Widow’s Consoler narrated by Louise Antoinette https://adbl.co/2lGAiVM

Lovers Who Wound Blame it on the Storm narrated by Gareth Richards https://adbl.co/2lEvXm8

The House of the Fornicator narrated by Karen https://adbl.co/2kBgkM2

The Kiss narrated by Teddy Hoffman https://adbl.co/2k2ZTaW

I still have a limited number of promo codes for free copies in return for a short review. To receive a promo code, email me at jameslawless23@hotmail.com

James Lawless’ books on audible



They are also available  at iTunes and at Amazon https://amzn.to/2CGnHI3

or https://amzn.to/2Frp9zJ

‘James Lawless has a mighty thoughtful and penetrating capacity to make you gasp and rage and then burst out laughing.’ Jennifer Johnston

‘Work of passion and truth.’ Declan Kiberd

‘Writing that will give deep literary pleasure.’ Carlo Gébler




Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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