The Widow’s Consoler now in French or

I am delighted to announce that my ebook short story The Widow’s Consoler (available on Kindle and other epub devices)is now translated into French.
After the death of her invalid husband, a widow’s previously suppressed feelings for her late husband’s best friend surface to reveal what was a desperate course of action.
Opening extract?
It was late summer when they bumped into each other again by the canal. He had been away, had taken leave soon after the funeral. He’d almost forgotten how petite she was, and she was still wearing what he presumed was the bereft look of the recently widowed. When he asked her how she was, she shrugged, skirting over it and said she had read his novel.
How had she time to do that, he wondered, to concentrate on a work of fiction with all the grief at Finn’s passing?
‘About the recession and all the money wasted; it was so well drawn, spot on.’
Clad in blue jeans, she still had a nice shape, he thought, despite the passing years.
‘I’m all on my own now. In that house.’
What was she saying to him, stating the obvious like that, for she had no children? Could this be one of her old familiar ruses, he conjectured, judging by those pitiable eyes of hers engaging?

The Widow’s Consoler is also already translated into Spanish and Portuguese and is on audio.
Listen to a sample of Louise Antoinette’s beautiful reading or
If you like this story, a short review on Amazon or Goodreads or other outlets would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James.



Author: James Lawless

Irish novelist, poet and short story writer.

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